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Blogger libel case: Council boss repayment pledge doubt

A chief executive refuses to say if he will honour his pledge to pay cash from a legal case to the council he leads.

Welsh patient waits four years to leave hospital

The patient was declared fit for discharge more than 1,300 days ago, but has not left hospital.

Teenager's two year kidney surgery wait a 'scandal'

Ethan, 14, has been waiting to have a non-functioning kidney removed since December 2014.

Matthew Rees' London Marathon 2018 entry paid as thanks

Chorlton Runners thank Swansea Harrier Matthew Rees for helping their runner complete the London Marathon.

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North Korea tensions: US submarine arrives in South Korea

It comes amid heightened tensions, and fears North Korea is planning more nuclear or missile tests.

France elections: Le Pen steps aside as National Front leader

Marine Le Pen says she will be above "partisan considerations" as she seeks the French presidency.

Arkansas executes murderers Jack Jones and Marcel Williams

The men are put to death in the first double execution on the same day for 17 years in the US.

Huge robbery sparks gun battles in Paraguay and Brazil

Brazilian police clash with a gang blamed for "the robbery of the century" in neighbouring Paraguay.